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Baraa Elkhatib

Project manager

Dear hiring manager, Having read through your job description, I am excited to apply for this position. As a highly skilled project manager and being more than 9 years in the construction field, my experience aligns well with what you are looking for. I have worked in project management for several years in residential buildings specifically. I managed 5 big residential projects under this position with hundreds of engineers, workers, supervisors and high-management working on these projects. Starting my career as a supervisor on site for several years, I got to learn every single detail in construction. My learning/knowledge I gained includes reading construction drawings, excavation, concrete works, building foundations, plumbing, electricity, screeding, tiling, painting, and waterproofing. As I got promoted to several positions in my career I gained more experience and I insisted to gain more experience on site as I believe that to be a good manager you have to have knowledge of what you are dealing with. Being now a project manager my site visits stayed the same as before and over the past years I have advanced my knowledge in developing scope, management planning, cost management, Project execution, managing daily operations and implementation of new programs, tracking and reporting on overall process, monitoring & controlling, delivering projects on time and ensuring all goals are met. In addition to my experience, I have a solid educational foundation especially by adding the PMP certificate to my education. With this strong academic background and more than 10 projects in construction, I am writing to express my interest to joining your team I would very much like to discuss opportunities with you. To schedule an interview please call me at (+96170927491) or email me at baraag.elkhatib@gmail.com. Thank you for taking time to review my resume. I look forwards to talking with you. Sincerely, Baraa Elkhatib


Nader Kabbara

Management Consultant for Artificial Intelligence

Skilled and capable of understanding business problems at the granular level, with a proven artificial intelligence deploying expertise to effectively solve or support others in solving these problems. High capability in mathematical engineering skills , accompanied with a hybrid profile with enough business acumen to decode problems and to tackle them using right methods and techniques. Experienced in applying Six Sigma and lean manufacturing techniques into production lines and processes with a strong profile in working and training in local industry. Skilled in SolidWorks, LabVIEW, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking, and Management. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) focused in Mechanical Engineering from Lebanese American University.