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Douglas Hassell


Experienced senior executive and business consultant, repeatedly delivering complex transformation and technology projects and programmes. Leading turnaround and complex strategic advisory assignments across the Middle East. Services based, security and defence related, establishing strategic planning and execution for government agencies.


Stefan Konrad Johansen

Managing Partner

Experienced advisor with multi-year IT management consulting background. I provide deep technical skills within the overall strategic perspective.


Connor Jewiss


Have been an executive at the FoW startup Phavour in the UK. Here at Phavour, part of my role included being heavily involved in our investment rounds and deals, as well as on the internal business and tech side. During this time, I've explored consulting positions for new startups to help get their tech stack and tech flow off the ground, ready for their launch. Most recently, I founded my own startup called Contrib as a side project, and have been exploring venture scouting. I first started venture scouting in the summer for a US-based angel, but have since expanded my scouting opportunities to funds across the US and the UK.


Segun Popoola


15+ years exp. in Finance, Planning and Analysis (FP&A), Customer account, service management and client services, Receivables Management, Financial Reporting, Strategy and Growth, Opex/Capex analytics, Data analytics, Forecasting, Budgeting and Modeling, Investment Research and Audit.


Haitham Nizam

Head of Digital Transformation

I am an experienced digital transformation leader and entrepreneurship mentor. I hold a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with specialization in entrepreneurship from Walden University, USA. I published a paper on the success strategies for small businesses in Egypt in The International Journal of Business & Management. I have more than 21 years of experience in the ICT and Fintech sectors. I held several leadership positions in multinational firms including Ericsson, Huawei, and Orange. I advised several large enterprises and governmental organizations on creating digital transformation strategies. I also advised few startup founders in the UAE on building sustainable business models and creating lean start-ups.


Emmanuel Robitaille

Strategic Advisor

Emmanuel is a Strategic Advisor and Advisory Council Member for several companies across Canada and the US, spanning automotive, construction/renovation/restoration, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, insurance and banking, as well as a number of new ventures and start-ups. He sits on many Councils and Boards where he engages in Strategic Projects, Consultation, and Mentoring New Ventures and Start-Ups. His unique approach with Mergers and Acquisitions, using a simple tool he created called CREST (Clientele, Revenues, Employees, Supply Chain, Technology), allows any company, either buyer or seller, to easily target potential acquisitions that represent a perfect fit. Emmanuel has a Bachelor of Commerce from HEC Montreal, is pursuing his MBA in Strategic Management, and holds professional designations in risk management, management consultation, sales, as well as credited expertise in law (contracts and obligations) and negotiation.


Anand Sagar

Board of Directors

Hello my name is Anand Sagar. I can handle anything complex in the world of Leadership, Finance and Marketing. I have built and managed million dollar marketing campaigns.


Gulya Azretovna

Board Member

Investment, Capital Raising and Management profesional with 7 years of international experience with projects across USA,UK,UAE, CIS and Africa


Vinod Daryani

CFO / Head of Finance

Experienced in providing growth and operating model advise to growth startups in the mobility, food tech and fun tech space.


Daniel Kofdrali

Startup Consultant

Hybrid Xp in retail and tech covering a spectrum of fmcg’s and startups including ecommerce, last mile, social traveling and fintechs.


Bindu Ramesh

Head of Institutional Banking

Skilled Senior Banking Executive with experience nearing 25 years in corporate and institutional banking Credit. Extensive knowledge in sound credit judgement and risk management in both corporate credit and Financial Institutions. Well experienced in handling projects and development of systems related to Credit. Advanced managerial skills in team management, training and development of personnel.


Sidharth Ramachandran

Head of Strategy and Investor Relations

I currently serve as the Head of Strategy & Investor Relations for a VC. I have a passion for technology and the startup ecosystem and have an in-depth understanding of different startup businesses and operational models. I am passionate about helping companies grow and will be happy to guide and mentor the right startups.


Yaroslav Ivanov

Global Talent Manager

Experienced professional with 10+ years of experience advising start-ups and Fortune-500 companies on issues of strategy, talent, and leadership. Lived and worked in Russia, Moldova, Canada, UAE, and Switzerland/ Global mindset. Young father of two. Amateur hockey player, with an appreciation for good beer and good company.