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Open Advisor helps early and mid stage startups from around the world find strategic mentors, who impart the wisdom and guidance of years spent transforming industries.

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Accessing Strategic Advisors Has Never Been Simpler.

Find your Advisor

Credible advisors are uniquely placed to match what your startup needs to thrive.

The Virtual Boardroom

Location should not restrict you from finding mentorship. Use the personal chat room, take video calls, and hold meetings via Open Advisor any time, anywhere.

Scale your Business

Learn things nobody else will tell you. Implement guidance to grow your startup.



As industry veterans and leaders, advisors can open doors for your startup to take full advantage of.


Find the relevant people to help your business grow. Advisors can help you connect with industry leaders and effective individuals in your given field. You can build relationships with them and even initiate projects together in the future.

Intuitive Knowledge

With a myriad of advisors on our roster, the platform offers a colossal collective of experienced minds. When you consult somoene who has crafted and worked with dozens of successfull business strategies, it keeps you from the process of trial and error where your business runs the collateral damage.

Successfull Startups

Over 1000 entrepreneurs have already discovered the power of having strategic advisors. Isn’t it time you did, too?

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