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For Startups


“What do we do now?” - This question is treated as a marker in all startup journeys. The next steps can make you or break you, and before you indulge in guesswork, it is always better to consult someone who has been there and done that. With the help of advisors, make educated decisions, work with the correct resources, and understand what your business needs to be at the top.


For Advisors

Advisors have the opportunity to work with a pool of startups with the potential to turn into multi million dollar corporations. Advisors can also move to a permanent role with the startup if they like, and offer their services in exchange for a stake in the company.

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A startup has access to a maximum of 3 advisors.

It is absolutely free to sign up on Open Advisor. There are no subscription or mentorship fee charged on the platform.

Open Advisor is aimed towards making your startup grow. You can access the platform for as long as it takes for you to reach your goal.
All advisors are screened and verified before being listed on the platform. The platform will connect you with likely candidates who are aligned with your business’s vision.
Open Advisor has no specific working hours as advisors can choose how much time they would like to spend advising per week. However, advisors are expected to advise their startups at a minimum of 6 hours per month and can schedule calls based on their availability
No. Advisors can schedule calls, and directly message their startups through the virtual boardroom. In-person meetings are always an option and can be scheduled on our booking dashboard through the platform.
Of course! Advisors have access to 200+ early to mid-stage startups, so they have the freedom to pick which startup best suits them based on their relevant industry and goals.

Still have questions?

Have a Question?

Applying to be an advisor is very straightforward, simply fill in the type-form on our website and upload your resume. If you’re the right fit, we’ll contact you.

Advisors assist early to mid-stage startups from all over the world. Advisors are expected to assist startups to help them reach their goals. Startups and ongoing businesses are expected to deliver reasonable response times, and effective communication to get work done efficiently.

Advisors have the opportunity of gaining an equity stake in their startup's companies. However, if they prefer payment in exchange for their services it will have to be discussed with the startup directly as Open Advisor will have no affiliation with direct financial compensation to advisors
Partnerships between advisors and startups are set between themselves. Advisors can deal with a variety of early to mid-stage startups choosing how long to advise each of them.
Make sure you log off or change your status to unavailable, this way you can take your break and come back even stronger

It Does Not Matter Where You Are

At Open Advisor we are all about opportunities without borders. Our platform features make it accessible and seamless for startups and advisors to communicate effectively. Where your demographic spreads globally it helps when the advisors have the insight of expanding to specific markets, taking on the burden of a startup set to scale, and having connections in said market so your startup is not the new kid on the block.